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Your Art on Corrugated

Putting art and conveying your brand message on your corrugated box or display is a very important step in the process of bringing your packaging vision to life. There are three main methods of applying art to corrugated:

Flexographic Printing, Lithographic Labeling, and Digital Printing.

Flexographic Printing: This is the most common and economical method of applying art to corrugated packaging and displays. It involves the application of ink to a polymer print plate which is then applied to corrugated material. This is done at a high speed, in line with die cutting on a rotary die cutter or flexo folder-gluer. Because this method involves only one machine operation it is an effective and efficient way to brand your packaging. All order quantities from low to high are possible with flexographic printing. The drawback however is that your art is necessarily limited to a set number of colors.

Lithographic Labeling: Lithographic labels are a secondary material. 80 lb litho stock is printed, using an offset printing process, at a label making facility. These labels are then shipped into our facility where they are laminated to corrugated board. The labeled board is then die cut into its finished shape. The advantage of lithographic labels is that you can create photographic quality art on your box or display, giving it a high-end look. Medium to large quantity orders are where this method is generally used.

Digital Printing: A fairly recent technology, digital printing directly on corrugated is often used when vibrant and complicated art is desired but the quantities are low enough that lithographic labeling is cost prohibitive. Digital runs are generally low to medium quantities.

All of these methods of adding art and branding to corrugated are possible at Forest Packaging. Check out our website for examples as well as informative videos and additional blog articles.

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