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Anatomy of a Box at Forest Packaging

Forest Packaging has equipment to produce your custom sized corrugated packaging, whether it be a straightforward box or a complicated, fancy, or unusual style of box.

The most common type of box, the Regular Slotted Carton (aka RSC) is shown in the flat below and is generally produced on a single machine called a Flexo Folder-Gluer. This machine takes in corrugated board and outputs finished boxes.

A Flexo Folder-Gluer has several inline stations which the corrugated board passes through on its way to becoming a box. First the flat sheet of corrugated board passes through a print section of the machine to create the customer’s desired wording or art. Next the slots and panel scores needed to make the board into an RSC are created. The flat board then travels through a series of rollers which fold the outer length and width panels while glue is being applied to the glue tab.

By the time the board comes out of the roller section it has been folded and glued into a finished RSC. The last function of the Flexo Folder-Gluer is to bundle the finished boxes for shipment to the customer.

Forest Packaging has machinery to produce your custom RSC’s and much more. Check out the Gallery on our website for RSC examples as well as other styles of boxes and displays.

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