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Club Store Display Trays

Products in club stores are displayed and sold from trays layered onto a pallet. There are many styles of pallet display trays, each must be customized to an individual product. The goal is to load, stack, and sell as much product as possible on a pallet.

Pallet display trays are designed for each specific product and must incorporate features to support the weight of stacking one on top of another to fill a standard pallet. Some trays have features to interlock layers in order to prevent shifting or shingling of trays during transit.

All club stores have their own guidelines for the design of pallet display trays and any deviations must have prior approval from the store. Such things as the front tray lip height and the number of tray facings on the pallet are dictated by the store. Most pallet displays have tray facings on 3 sides making the product accessible from three sides of the pallet.

Pallet patterns are a useful tool to aid in the design of club store display trays as well as inform the customer of the optimal loading and stacking pattern of trays onto a pallet. A sample pallet pattern is shown here. An example of trays pictured below.

Here at Forest Packaging we have a great deal of experience designing pallet display trays. We know the ins and outs of tray structure, club store requirements, and pallet patterns. Check out our website for photos of our work and more informational posts.

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