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Industrial Packaging & Corrugated

Written by Lisa Domagala, Structural Engineer at Forest Packaging

Industrial Packaging is the backbone of the packaging industry. Manufacturers have always needed a way to transport and store their products. Before the 1870’s the wooden crate was the only available option. The corrugated box was invented and patented in 1871. Lighter and cheaper, it quickly replaced the wooden crate.

Industrial packaging can be as simple as the Amazon boxes of which we are all familiar, or as complicated as a multi-piece pack which can hold and protect multiple products. For multi-piece products which need to be transported in the same box, corrugated roll-ups as well as die cut inserts are often used to cushion, position, and separate the various parts. For packs which contain multiples of the same product, divider sets are often used. Dividers are especially important when transporting glass bottles or jars.

Beyond the simple box, some products may be better suited to something like a tray set. A tray set is often used for products which are too large or too heavy for an RSC. The set consists of a base tray and a larger tray which serves as a cover. There are many styles of trays, including self-locking trays as well as trays which require tape or stitching to hold them together. The choice of tray style is determined by the customer’s needs and packing capabilities.

When navigating what you need for your industrial packaging project, think Forest Packaging. We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of all types of packaging, industrial, retail, e-commerce, and POP displays.

See our website for examples and contact us with any of your packaging needs.

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