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Flexibility is what we offer

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

People often ask what Forest Packaging’s manufacturing “sweet spot” is. If you are a numbers-oriented person here it is: 500 to 50,000 pieces is optimal for our manufacturing processes. We are very flexible!

The real answer, however, is that we are more interested in helping our customers achieve their “sweet spot.” More than just a number, a customer’s “sweet spot” may entail additional considerations such as the right packaging design for their manufacturing or packaging processes, or achieving the high-end packaging or display look they desire.

Whether it’s an industrial packaging application, retail or ecommerce packaging, or a point of purchase display, we can help. Forest Packaging has the design, sales support, and manufacturing expertise to help you identify your unique “sweet spot” and help make your packaging design and quantities meet your needs.

Got ideas? Drop us a line here on our website and we'll help you with your next project!

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