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What's in the cost of a box?

Corrugated packaging and displays are EVERYWHERE! From the humble brown box that showed up on your doorstep to the eye-catching pallet displays at your favorite retailer, corrugated products are a versatile and powerful tool to protect and market your products.

In fact, corrugated boxes and displays are so common most people might not take the time to think about the different steps that go in to making a box. Here at Forest Packaging, we pride ourselves on understanding all of the variables one can encounter in engineering your packaging and display solutions from concept, to finished product.

-DESIGN: Designing your package and display is the first, and often most important step of your packaging project. Forest Packaging’s team of designers intake your requirements and utilize talent, experience, and technology to bring it to life. During this step it is crucial to make sure the appropriate design is chosen for your product in order to make sure it is properly protected to reduce possible breakage, and that it is displayed correctly to maximize visibility.

-CORRUGATED BOARD: This is where the bulk of the cost of your corrugated box come from. Giant rolls of paper are run through a corrugator and using heat, steam, and glue, these rolls of paper are transformed in to corrugated board. Maybe you need extra protection? A brighter white finish to add some POP to your package? Perhaps a grease resistant coating? No problem! By utilizing a variety of carefully selected sources for your corrugated board we are able to help select which type of paper will work best for your needs. However, special coatings and finishes can often come with an extra cost and in certain cases extended lead times or minimum order quantities.

-TOOLING: If your project requires special cuts and folds, or if it needs graphics applied, chances are you will need tooling in the form of cutting dies or print plates. These are the one-time costs you may have to pay in order to produce your box on the production floor. Cutting dies can range from several hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on the complexity and size of your box. Print plates can also vary greatly depending on the number of colors and detail in your graphics. Forest Packaging works hand in hand with our tooling vendors to ensure your boxes run smoothly in the plant.

-PRODUCTION: Here is where the magic happens. Forest Packaging utilizes a wide variety of machinery such as die-cutters, gluers, laminators, and more, to bring a simple sheet of corrugated board to life. By constantly investing in new machinery and technology we have been able to consistently widen our capabilities, increase quality, and also reduce the cost of the finished product.

-SHIPPING: Here at Forest Packaging we have a team of drivers and trucks to deliver your product locally. Our shipping team utilizes 48-53 foot trailers as well as straight trucks to bring the finished product from our plant to your dock doors. Do you have special shipping requirements? Not an issue for us! We partner with local and regional carriers to offer liftgate, LTL, and TL shipments to virtually anywhere in the country.

Please call or e-mail Forest Packaging today to discuss your corrugated packaging needs.

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