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Mailers Have Style

Mailers can reinforce your brand and product quality. They give consumers a great first impression if done correctly and with style.

Mailers are a specific style of box which is non-glued and die cut to the exact size requirements of the customer. Below are the three basic styles of mailers, but within the styles there is always room for creativity. Your box can stand out with your unique artwork or with unique features such as the use of double stick tape, tear tape, zipper rule, or built in inserts.

Mailer Styles:

1) Front Lock Mailer (with or without side dust flaps.) The lion’s share of mailers are of this style. It’s simple, easy to use, and secure.

2) Tuck Top Mailer (with or without side dust flaps and with or without a locking tab to add security.) Some customers prefer the tuck top style which is sometimes considered easier for a consumer to open. This mailer style is also ideal for use as a counter display when shipping to a retail setting as the top of the box can fold to create a header.

3) Indestructo Mailer (with or without side dust flaps). This style of mailer functions the same to the consumer as the Front Lock Mailer but differs in its construction. The Indestructo is a very strong mailer and is the style of choice when it comes to deeper depth requirements. By its construction, the Indestructo has a partial or full (depending on dimensions) double bottom making it ideal for transporting heavy product.

While these are the three basic mailer styles, unique shapes and unique closures are possible to help your box stand out from the crowd.

Here at Forest Packaging ( we have many years of experience with mailers and look forward to helping you determine which mailer style and features fit your unique application.

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