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How to Get What You Need from Your New Packaging

Here at Forest Packaging, we want to partner with you in making your corrugated packaging exactly what you need. To that end, we wanted to share with you the four things we absolutely need from customers in order to ensure a successful packaging or display project.

1) Product! It may sound basic but providing product for packaging designers to work with is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the packaging that you need. While it may be possible to design to customer supplied dimensions or drawings it is not optimal and may slow down the process with rounds of revisions being needed.

2) An Idea of What Kind of Packaging or Display is Desired/Needed. Perhaps photos of packaging you have seen and liked, or links to competitor’s websites, any input will help. Along this line, it is very important to share the purpose of you packaging – Is this a retail application? A Direct to Consumer or E-Commerce application? A wholesale or master pack application? For displays it is important to provide information on what stores you plan on selling through since many have existing guidelines.

3) Quantities. Both quantities you are interested in purchasing, and also the quantity of product to go in each package or display.

4) An idea of the Desired Art. It is not important at this time to have finalized art but it is helpful if you have an idea of whether you are going to want a printed design or a litho label on your finished packaging or display.

These four things form the basics of the information needed for a successful packaging project, but any additional information you can share is great. The more the better!

Check out our website articles for additional information on how we can help you make the most of your packaging, as well as examples of our work.

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