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Easy Pack & Ship Carton

One of our customers asked us to come up with a fast and easy way to pack one of their training guides they send out during the year.

They were looking for a way to package the guide quickly and efficiently, as well as create a label that stood out.

We sized up the literature they were going to pack and got to work.

In house, we used tear tape and twin stick, so it's easy and self-sealing. This avoided the need for sealing with a machine and the costs associated with that on their end. It also provides a very strong seal that can withstand the weight of the training guides and the durability needed for transit.

The same person who packs the literature can seal it, which saves time.

While this large run went to a fulfillment center, the design also offers our customer the opportunity to set some of these aside for their sales force to easily pack and send throughout the year.

Our customer was looking for high end graphics. We did a four color litho label that is aqueous coated to give a glossy high-end look and feel.

The tear feature gives the end user a very easy opening option, versus pulling the board apart from glued areas.

Overall, the customer was very happy with the design and speed to pack and ship.

Our aim at Forest Packaging is to collaborate with our clients and help them save time and money.

This project was delivered on time and came out great!

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