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Brilliant Packaging | Tiffany

Forest Packaging loves all that goes into packaging.

From strategy, engineering, user experience and branding.

The story behind the Tiffany packaging is an inspiring execution in building one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Stationary merchants, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young founded their Lower Manhattan company in 1837. Shifting the store’s focus to jewelry in 1853.

The company came into its own in 1886 by introducing its diamond engagement ring: the Tiffany Blue Box became as desired as the ring itself, or whatever else would be inside. In 1905, Tiffany was already considered America’s leading supplier of fine jewelry.

The following year, the New York Sun cited that Charles Lewis Tiffany “has one thing in stock that you cannot buy for as much money as you may offer; he will only give it to you. And that is one of his boxes.”

Tiffany’s legendary light blue color was specifically used for the cover of their mail order catalog “Blue Book” in 1845. The turquoise gemstone color was popular in 19th-century jewelry – thus resonating with consumers.

The Tiffany blue often referred to as robin’s egg blue or forget-me-not blue was trademarked by the company is 1998 and standardized by the Pantone Matching System. This custom pigment has been assigned a number as all other PMS colors – its number is called “1837 Blue” reflecting the year the company was founded.

Not only is Tiffany’s color protected, its entire packaging is trademarked – the white satin ribbon included and even the name “the Tiffany Blue Box.” As part of the branding experience this elegant ribbon is tied in front of the customer for the final touch in their branding experience. The only time Tiffany deviates from this is at Christmas, when a classic red ribbon is used.

Looking for a professional packaging manufacturer to strategize with? The team at Forest Packaging thrives at working with companies to build positive sensory associations of what’s inside the box: something elegantly presented, cleanly designed and straightforward to use.

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