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Forest Packaging: Our Birthmarks Have DNA!

The most import details often go unnoticed.

Take the simple Box Maker’s Certificate (BMC) most carton manufactures imprint on the bottom of their boxes. These marks cite each carton’s specific tested and rated characteristics.

You’ll find at Forest Packaging our cartons are birthed with the Edge Crush Test (ECT) Certificate. ECT measures the stacking strength of a box. This determines how much pressure it can handle before being crushed. Since most shipping is done by stacking boxes on skids now, this is the ideal strength test for shipping individually-boxed products and merchandise.

Here’s what each area of the BMC means:

Box Manufacturer is the company who made the box you’re holding. It’s always listed at the top of the outer ring.

Board Construction is the thickness and strength of the box sides—listed as either single wall, double wall or triple wall.

Edge Crush Test (ECT) is the vertical compression strength of the box walls. The most common ECT-rated box comes in at a strength of 32 pounds per inch, listed as 32 ECT.

Size Limit is the total sum of the outside dimensions of the box. This is useful to know for storage and shipping purposes (like planning pallet loads or calculating dim weight).

Gross Weight Limit is the maximum allowable weight of the box and its contents. Boxes loaded above the listed weight tend to get damaged very easily due to its integrity being compromised.

City & State is where the box was made and shipped from. It’s always listed at the bottom of the outer ring.

The Forest Packaging Team is always ready to outfit you with cartons specific to your needs.

Contact John at for a free consultation.

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