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Game On!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Perhaps Benjamin Franklin had gamer's in mind when he said that, yes? Either way, it’s a true statement. So, we are doing our part to keep gamer’s gaming!

Forest Packaging’s newest project is a bunch of little boxes that we are, together, marketing as a “Gamer’s Box” to address a desire of some 150 million American gamers.

This sturdy, compartmentalized box features a super clean look and hidden storage areas, allowing for superior organization of a gamer’s tools.

It’s probably no secret to anyone reading this blog that constructing high quality boxes is what we do. But the Gamer’s Box is different, and here’s why.

In our typical business process, a customer will come to us with a set of packaging needs for a particular product or line. Considerations might include display, portability, design and a hundred other variables that make our business intricate and exciting. Through a series of conversations and models, we come up with the perfect custom packaging for that particular product.

But in the case of the Gamer’s Box, we identified a desire embedded in a large potential customer base. Then we took a look at what’s out there and found inferior quality organizers not made in America. So, we decided to take this entrepreneurial plunge and make the product ourselves.

Before we let this go to market (at a cost of just $35 plus shipping), we want to do a little market research to ensure we’ve created a product to Forest Packaging’s standards and most gamers’ needs.

So, we are giving away a few boxes to gamers who read this blog and agree to give us feedback and help spread the word about our new product. To receive yours, send an email to us here with the subject line: Gamer’s Box and include your detailed feedback and name, address and telephone number.

It’s as simple as that.

OK…now who’s game?


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