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Out of the Forest

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OK, so this is a first. Welcome to “Out of the Forest”: The Blog About Packaging and Design from Forest Packaging.

Just reading that, you might well be asking yourself, “Why a blog from Forest Packaging?”

No offense taken, because believe me, when the idea was pitched my way, I asked the very same question. So, here’s the answer. For more than 50 years now our company has not only sustained, but grown, innovated and become a leader in the more-competitive-than-you-might-think business of corrugated packaging and design.

What that means is we have stories to tell, people you should know, ideas to share and thoughts to explore. We also hope this new medium might open a few doors.

I hope if you read something you like, or even something you disagree with, you’ll stop in at the office to chat, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. Because when it comes right down to it, relationships are what business and life are all about. You know who taught me that? My dad.

Greg Kula has been the President of Forest Packaging for over 25 years and he’s still going strong. Greg has grown the business tremendously over this time period, and that has allowed Jeff and I to flourish and carry the torch for the second generation of Forest Packaging.

Greg will never fully retire, because he loves what he does. That old cliché ‘you never work a day in your life loving what you do’. It’s true, and my dad is proof.

Over the last number of years Greg has entrusted us with more and more of the day to day activities and the direction of our company. We continue to grow.

But, he didn’t really leave it to us alone. Jeff and I are Forest Packaging’s second-generation caretakers, honored to lead a dedicated team of hard working individuals who make it the company it is.

Greg has assembled a team of talented artists, designers, tacticians, mechanics, sales, production managers, and the hard-working personnel that manufacture the corrugated products we supply our customers.

I can’t tell you how many times growing up, around the dinner table, Dad would say to us, “People make everything happen. Whatever success I enjoy is because of the people I work with.”

Of course, he was right then, and he’s right today. So that’s why we’re launching this first “Out of the Forest” blog on Father’s Day.

Forest Packaging is and will always be the company Greg Kula built and the legacy he left for his sons.

Thank you, Dad. And Happy Father’s Day.


For more on our company's story check out this video:

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